Monday, December 23, 2013


WHO IS THE VICTIM..? October 1, 2011 at 1:03am WHO IS THE VICTIM..? The other day, my wife told me about myself.. She said that I was always playing the “victim”, as if I don’t have issues of my own. She explained some of the things that I do & I didn't really realize how often that I do play the role of the victim. So there I was, at work thinking about the conversation we’ve had & how it made me look at myself on how I look like when certain things happen. I thought about how often we, as children of God, often place ourselves in this particular role. One of the reasons is, I believe, that it’s safe & easy to be the victim. It seems to me, even in my own life, that when we play the victim role, we don’t have to deal with the thought & responsibility of correcting the situation. Also, we don’t feel the need to apologize or do whatever it is required to make the situation right & moral. The symptoms of becoming “Victimized” are usually acts of Self-pity, Attention, & Manipulation. SELF-PITY: Feeling sorry for yourself while you suffer the situation. ATTENTION: Making someone observe your situation. MANIPULATION: Influencing others to resolve your situation. When we “victimize” ourselves, we tend to rob ourselves of the very blessings of God. We seem to always want to stay within our “comfort zones”. Comfort Zones are places within our subconscious minds where we tend to place ourselves, everyone, & everything that affect our personal lives. We put people & things in certain places in our minds where we feel are “safe” or “unsafe” to deal with. We don’t want or like any surprises that will change the immediate or long term course of our lives that we feel comfortable & stable. To sum up what being “victimized” is when someone or something has taken us out of our comfort zones & has cause us to re-evaluate ourselves about our strengths & weakness. Someone or something has caused us to take a good look at ourselves as far as what we are & what we think we are. As well as, what we have & what we think we have. So as a result, we go into our Victims’ Role & hope that someone or something will “fix” what we think is broken & put everything back into the places that we have previously labeled as “safe” & “unsafe”. We need to understand that our Comfort Zones are our Prisons & Convenience is our Prison Guard! As long as we subconsciously dwell in our Comfort Zones, we will never fully receive the complete blessings of God & continue to silence the Spirit of God that lives inside of us. In conclusion, when we victimize ourselves by playing the Victims’ Role, we have shown that we are comfortable in our Comfort Zones/Prison & we will continue to enjoy the company of Convenience/Prison Guard while he serves us Self-pity; Attention; & Manipulation/Prison Food. “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” (Proverbs 4: 7) May God shed His light upon all who reads this..