Thursday, December 26, 2013

What About The Relationship..?

What About The Relationship..? October 4, 2011 at 9:01pm What About The Relationship..? Many times I read/hear different things from different people that pertains to being in & out of relationships. Often times, the situation is always about “what he/she did/didn’t do/say” or whatever. We need to understand that relationships is a situation that requires WORK!! Physically, mentally, psychologically, & spiritually. It takes work to successfully continue in a relationship. But be informed that if the person that you’re supposed to be in a relationship with , is not putting forth as much effort into the union as much as you are, then more than likely he/she does not want a relationship with you. “Is it possible to love & care for & about someone without contributing into the relationship?” The answer to that question is “YES!”. You or your mate may love you/your mate but do not choose to be in a relationship with you/your mate. It’s a sad but true case to realize that this situation is a common tale among us within our society. Inter-family, marriages, boyfriend/girlfriend, child/parent, BFF’s, are just a few examples of the different kinds of relationships that exists in our society. RELATIONSHIP: A particular state of affairs among people related to or dealing with one another. (Webster‘s N.C. Dictionary) “How do we most times end up with the very people that don’t want to participate in the relationship with us..?” The answer to that question varies among people. Perhaps, most times, we take a chance with someone, give all that we can give, to a disappointing reality that he/she really do not want a relationship, but he/she loves/cares for you very much. For your sake, believe that part of the reality, if you really know in your heart that it’s true about what he/she is telling you…just accept the fact that he/she are not “relationship material”. So, what do you do, where do you go from there..? A decision has to be made from the individual that is a constant participant in the “so called” relationship. . Stay in the relationship with the hope that things will change, eventually.. Allow the relationship to take it’s course until disbandment.. Or, end the relationship, with the hope that the mutual respect still remains. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. We say that we love God & we thank Him everyday for His grace and mercy. When trouble comes, a heartbreak, or financial difficulties knock on our doors, we tend to “cry out” to God hoping that He hears our cries..& He does. But How much do we put into the relationship with God? God has been contributing into the relationship with us ever since we all were born. And when we were taught about Him & what He did. It was supposed to be up to us to build a relationship with God on our own so that He can be pleased with us more. What if God suddenly gave up, like most of us do when the person we are with is not putting in as much as we are? What if He said, “I‘m Done..!!” & cut off all of the blessings that we exists off of right now. Now that’s a pretty frightening thought!! Just ask yourself..”How am I to know how to be in a relationship if I‘m only part-time connecting with God..?” If you know Him like you say that you know Him, then you should have a “tight’ relationship with God, allowing Him to speak to you & guide you in every aspect in your life. So, before we start getting on Facebook and telling how wrong he/she is because he/she messed around with other people or whatever the situation is, really think & understand that maybe: he/she didn’t want to be in a relationship in the first place maybe he/she may not be ready for a relationship yet but agreed to it or they are just being deviously uncooperative. For the record, I’m not giving anyone no excuses. What’s wrong is wrong & right is right.. We all just have to know the difference when it comes to dealing with one another, and the difference is Jesus Christ. May God bless those who read this.. Terrance